{black & white + dreamy chevron floors}

There’s something so classic and tailored about a black and white palette. Mix in oodles of paneling, heavy and extra-detailed crown moldings, and gorgeous French chevron floors, and you have a lethal combination every time!

To be exact, not all of the floors in the photos below are chevron, the herringbone pattern is similar but with a specific difference. With a chevron patterned floor (below left), the planks are set on the diagonal, and meet in a center line. The shortest edges are cut at an angle which is what creates an overall straight line. The herringbone pattern floor (below right) also has planks set diagonally, but the planks are interlaced. All the corners of the planks are cut at 90 degrees to achieve this layout. Both patterns use rectangular planks.

Here’s a neat and unusual laying of chevron floor where panels appear to be set in two directions, making an interesting pattern where the two directions meet.

photo via Per Ranung

I love the black walls in these rooms! I’m so happy black paint is in…

Another nice touch of black:

A few more lovely spaces:

via B&B Italia

via B&B Italia

These spaces are fancy and sophisticated but still inviting, airy and light-filled but still warm and cozy. And there is definitely something special about those time-worn floors that makes you feel like they've been there forever. I’d take any one of the spaces above, they are so inspiring to me!


Jen of Made By Girl said...

The herringbone floors are so beautiful. My husband hates them...not sure why...
Loving the OTTOMAN from b & b italia!

Jen Ramos

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Great post! Love the lesson on herringbone vs chevron. Yes, the images are so inspirational and I especially love the hallway with the black paint. Wish I had a home big enough to have a hallway like that!
Thanks for entering my giveaway!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I adore black and white rooms. I recall once seeing an image of a gorgeous room done in all black and white with a vase of bright pink flowers as the only color in the room. It was stunning.

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

Oh how I dream of those chevron floors!!! Just beautiful! And I agree about the black and white palette.....so classic and gorgeous. There's just something so pleasing to the eye about black and white.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

I too love black and whit palettes. I can't resist adding black to my home. I need to inject a bit of white. Love the floors too, I am not sure I would go for a wood floor in a chevron pattern, but a rug would be fab!

Lisa said...

Wow beautiful images! I love chevron and herringbone floors - thanks for showing the differences between them. I am so jealous of these beautiful wooden floors... I also love the combo of black and white - so crisp and clean..Great post!

Donna @ dh designs said...

Those floors are gorgeous! I love the natural coloured ones. The are exactly like you said, feels like they've been there forever.

I love the impact black has - on any colour palette. And when you mix it with white - WOW - what a punch!

Great post Nancy!

Lila said...

Great minds think alike! I love B & B Italia's chevron flooring! I think their bedrooms have such a casual yet sensual appeal, don't they?!!!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

Kathysue said...

If it is black and white I am drawn to it like a bee to honey. I love the sharp contrast and have used it in my home for years. I have a black and white entry floor and guest bath and I love it. I think it is alwasy a classic look. Love the chevron floors they add so much character and warmth to a space. Thank you for your visits to my blog, I love seeing your name there. Any girl who loves black and white like I do is alright by me, Happy weekend Kathysue

Casa Bella said...

Found your blog through Made by Girl. I love your blog!!! I'm a new follower. Love that black bathroom!

Mina said...

Those floors! Wow!! Amazing! Glad to have found your blog! : )

Bohemian Vintage

DesignTies said...

Gorgeous floors AND gorgeous rooms!! I think I have a slight preference for the herringbone pattern, but you found some amazing examples of chevron. I really like the floor with the chevron pattern going on different directions.

The hallway with the lower walls painted black and the black chandelier is beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing such a great collection of pictures :-)


thelennoxx said...

Gorgeous! I love these floors as well, and also I loved the post Holly at TTI did on the same subject. Great job Nancy, you are so inspiring!!

Leigha said...

I promise I'll quit commenting on everything...just one more:
I realize this post is about floors - but I simply cannot ignore the mirror with the quote from the B&B Italia image. I NEED one immediately!

{this is glamorous} said...

...a definite fondness for light-filled rooms and chevron & herringbone floors {especially the latter}, and this post has it all -- beautiful!

Steven said...

great post!

Leonard Ringer said...

Magnificent floors! I love the black color herringbone flooring. Redondo Beach family house is under repair, so I’m getting tips from the net and luckily landed on your page. I might try this one in my bed room floor to give it a new look with laminate flooring. In Los Angeles, I used carpet patterns to brighten my bedroom and my work space. The floor is pretty much inspiring!

Thanks for your post! I hope you you’d continue to post more about interesting things!

French parquet ATDG said...

If you want to see others pictures of chevron or herringbone floors ===> http://www.atdg.com/v2/en/style.php

Anonymous said...

It is so luxurious! I love it.
I suggested in this space, the mandy stool, of KOKET brand.
It's Gracious.

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